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Why they support WSI


“ASC is delighted to support WSI and become an active contributor to their important mission, working together to remove all forms of discrimination in aquaculture against women and girls.”

Chris Ninnes, Chief Executive Officer ASC


“The Marine Stewardship Council is proud to have supported WSI since its inception.  For MSC, women have a critical role to play in delivering the evolution required to achieve environmental sustainability within fishing industry.  For this reason, the advocacy and research undertaken by WSI is of such importance, and this is why we actively support its work.”

Rupert Howes, Chief Executive Officer MSC


“Clearwater Seafoods is proud to support WSI in its efforts to raise the awareness on the important role of women in the seafood industry and to advocate for their safety, welfare and advancement. WSI’s mandate is 100% consistent with Clearwater’s mission, values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Ian D. Smith, Chief Executive Director Clearwater Seafoods


“Raising awareness of women’s contribution in production, processing, trade, marketing, inspection and management is not only fair, it is also key to improving the conditions and prospects of the millions of women within the sector. A great thanks to WSI for its commitment and efforts to raise awareness of gender in fisheries and aquaculture, helping the sector become more conscious, equitable and forward-looking.”

Audun Lem, Deputy Director of the Policy and Resources Division  Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, FAO

For a gender inclusive seafood industry

  • Severe unprecedented challenges that the seafood industry faces requires deep changes in its management and employment practices.
  • At global scale, women represent 50% of all seafood workers when considering all activities.
  • Today, female workers remain globally absent at decision making positions and occupy in large proportions the low-skilled low-paid low-valued positions.
  • Research also tell us that the seafood trade is described holding pervasive gender inequalities.
  • WSI positions itself as a key facilitator to inspire and escort progress in this field.

WSI Development

WSI is entering a new development stage with a renewed governance and a compelling mission and strategy.

  • WSI Mission is to embark public and private seafood stakeholders in several projects to create the conditions for adopting gender sensitive practices and tools. WSI follows a three layers road (1) raising awareness, (2) Advocating for a better understanding and (3) inspire practical changes.
  • The yearly 2020-2022 budget is estimated at 200,000 euros.

WSI Achievements

Women in seafood Video contest

Video contest to make visible the invisible. An international jury will grant best video with a money prize. Videos will be shown in the largest possible number of venues (congress, conferences, schools, univ)

  • WSI has received full recognition from FAO and was granted an Observer Status for #COFI34. First NGO advocating the role of women in this governmental arena.
  • WSI organises or inspires high standard conferences and workshops (Boston Seafood, GSE Brussels, FAO-COFI).
  • WSI inspires changes in policy with conferences’ organisers: cf. NASF which ambition to host 40% women speaker by 2025 compared to 19% today.
  • WSI is recognized as a first class source of reliable information on gender issues distributed in exclusivity to its donors and part to the industry via media, newsletters (Articles, reports, WSI WATCH, etc.)

WSI Watch

Annual review of major initiatives at the intersection of gender issues and seafood industry. Highlight the positive events and good practices. Worldwide.

As a donor, differentiate yourself and be part of the change

You will be informed on developed practices including in other similar industries.

What type of donor do you want to be?

WSI is looking for donations to keep its level of advocacy activity and its in-house production of topical information, such as its unique benchmark on seafood corporates and gender equality programmes.

  •  Social changes

You may chose to donate to advance the gender equality movement in the seafood industry and help WSI to work on this topic thanks to your philanthropy.

  • In-house changes

You may wish to support and partnering closely with WSI and benefit from its expertise. This will give a boost to your Corporate Social Responsability.

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