Ethical Charter

This Charter is designed to support WSI’s members around a common framework in advancing gender equality in the seafood industry.

Women in the Seafood Industry

Globally, one in every two seafood workers is a woman. Women’s participation is very significant, yet it is often undervalued.

The seafood industry is characterised by pervasive gender based discrimination at work, unfavourable working conditions, strong prejudices and unequal opportunities for women.

Inequality can be addressed: in order to stimulate changes, dialogue on gender equality in the seafood industry, to bring information, to share good practices and inspire progressive initiatives.

The International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry is a not-for-profit association created in December 2016 by seafood professionals and gender specialists. While we acknowledge that some progress has been achieved in the last few years, a lot remains to be done in terms of increasing awareness of gender-based inequality issues and eradicating prejudices.

WSI Values



WSI is committed to make gender equity progress in the seafood community. We consider our pairs, colleagues and partners with loyalty and run the WSI with integrity.



WSI considers that the battle for gender equality can only succeed when fully acknowledging and respecting every women and men and their diversity. WSI will be committed at favouring gender balance in its own board and working groups.



WSI’s work is based on the sharing and mutual exchange of knowledges, based on community connections. This implies honesty and transparency at all steps.

Members’ Commitment: Fostering positive change

Acknowledging the existence of gender discrimination in the seafood industry which are detrimental to the wellbeing of female seafood workers as well as to the social outcome of the industry, WSI members are committed to:

  • Address gender based bias and promote gender equality in in all spheres of the seafood industry,
  • Fight against pre-established gender roles within the sector that put women at a disadvantage or make them inferior to men,
  • Encourage actions that would improve gender balance and fairness,
  • Be active at condemning bullying, moral harassment and sexual violence.