North Atlantic Seafood Forum

WSI co-organized and co-hosted with the North Atlantic Seafood Forum the conference “Women in Seafood: Gender Equality, bridging the gap”. Speakers from all around the world and working in many different seafood companies shared their views, ideas and solutions to make the seafood industry more gender equal and inclusive. Here is a visual summary of their discussions.

Credit: Sketching the Move

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NASF 2021 June 9th, 2021 - Women in Seafood - Gender Equality, bridging the gap

Opening Welcome; Marie Christine Monfort; Women in the Seafood Industry Co-founder & Executive Director

Tackling the Imbalance and Lead the Blue Economy by Christelle Vigot, Women in the Seafood Industry, Chairwoman

Hanaa Bechache, Senior Regional Sales Manager, Southern Europe – Windsor, UK Office, is proudly serving as a Board Member on the International Organization for Women in Seafood Industry (WSI).

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