Newsletter #18

Gender Equality Policy Benchmark Study: Striking Results

How far have seafood players addressed gender (in)equalities in their policies and practices? Do they go beyond what is required by law in their country?

The latest WSI study
• analyses gender equality practices run by 53 seafood companies operating in fishing, fish farming, feed producing, wholesaling, retailing and catering
• reveals high differences in practices according to the position in the supply chain.

Here a few results:
• 43% fishing or processing companies are “apathetic”, ignoring the issue and the key role it plays in sustainability
• Very few seafood companies are making SDG 5 a priority
• 84% retailers and hospitality players and 75% aquaculture feed producers are “dedicated” and run positive actions in all dimensions analysed.

According to WSI experts, “The results of this study rings a bell with the sustainability debate 20 years ago. At that time sustainability of marine resource was seriously taken into account by consumers’ facing companies including the retailers and hospitality companies and negligibly by seafood producers. We are confident that industry stakeholders will wake up as well on gender issues as they did for environmental ones. Large-scale buyers will be more demanding from their suppliers. Consumers and even more so employees’ confidence is at stake.

The full analysis, which provides a detailed breakdown of the benchmarking study results is available from WSI.

Gender Equality - Bridging the GAP NASF - WSI conference

Following the WSI-NASF MoU signed in March 2020, the renowned international seafood conference North Atlantic Seafood Forum to happen in June 2021 includes for the first time a Gender Equality seminar. Clearwater Seafoods, Skretting, Sodexo, Grieg Seafood and WSI will share with us their views and practices.

Day 2: Wednesday 9th June

Women in Seafood – Gender Equality, bridging the gap
13:00-13:05 Opening Welcome; Marie Christine Monfort; Women in the Seafood Industry Co-founder & Executive Director
13:05-13:20 Remarkable Women – Remarkable Seafood; Ian Smith, CEO Clearwater Seafoods Canada
13:20-13:35 Take on the challenge: why we need women in seafood; Therese Log Bergjord; CEO Skretting, COO Nutreco
13:35-13:50 Don’t Miss the Boat: Seafood is Sailing to a More Equitable Future; Benita Boettner; CEO Nuseed Nutritional
13:50-14.05 Gender Balance and performance: the Sodexo’s journey towards Gender Equality; Sevrine Bethy co-lead of Sodexo Gender Network
14:05-14:20 Equality is the power to global economic growth; Kathleen Mathisen; Global HR Director and Internal Communication, Grieg Seafood
14:20-14:35 Tackling the Imbalance and Lead the Blue Economy; Christelle Vigot, WSI Chairwoman
14:35-14:50 Summary by Hanne Bjurstrøm; Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud, Norway
14:50-15:05 Panel hosted by Marie Christine Monfort; Kathleen Mathisen and Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud

Register here:

Camille CHERQUES, WSI Head of Programmes

WSI is happy to announce the recruitment of Camille CHERQUES, WSI Head of programmes. Camille will co-ordinate and control WSI projects, inspire new development and stimulate the gender equality movement in the seafood industry. She will be the key contact to all WSI allies, supporters and partners.

Welcome Camille.

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