MoU between North Atlantic Seafood Forum and WSI


The NASF is the world’s largest annual seafood business conference, offering leaders and top executives of the seafood industry a unique opportunity to meet and get insights and business updates on the latest innovations in all important aspect of this globalised industry. Every year, close to 900 professionals representing more than 350 companies from around 30 countries attend this global event.

The seafood industry culture is still very traditional and male dominated, with a low proportion of women sitting at corporate boards (<10%).

NASF, which invites some 100 speakers each year is characterised by a very moderate proportion of female speakers, 19% in 2017 and 21% in 2020. NASF understands that chances of public exposure should be given to a large spectrum of highly talented female speakers without weakening the excellence of the event.

NASF and WSI agreed that the seafood industry is facing new challenges and require new talents. Both parties gather to create effective and sustainable change and promote a progressive and inclusive culture in fisheries, aquaculture and the seafood processing industry.

The two parties agreed to cooperate on the area of increasing the representation of women invited as speakers at the global conference NASF. NASF will target the goal of 40% of female speakers by 2025.

United Nation’s goal no. 5 out of 17 Sustainable development goals is about gender equality and NASF see this goal as a necessary foundation for developing the NASF conference further in towards a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Goal no. 5 will be a part of our discussion in our coming sustainability workshops.

NASF will raise the awareness among seafood leaders on gender equality, when planning and executing the NASF program. We will strive to reach 40% female speakers not only as an overall target for the conference but also on seminar level.